ridOn 18 September 2016, the Royal Irrigation Department signed the contract to hire Panya Consultants Co., Ltd., SNT Consultants Co., Ltd. and Naresuan University to carry out the study and revision of Bhumibol Reservoir Inflow Augmentation Project, contract No. Gor Jor 30/2559.

rnc3On Monday, 4 July 2016, the Graduate School of Environmental Development Administration, NIDA, organized the academic forum on “Reviewing and Planning forward: the Environmental Study Management of Thailand” at room 202, Siam Boromrajakumari Building, NIDA. The forum was honored by Dr. Ranan Chulajata, the Senior Executive Director of Panya Consultants Co., Ltd., as the guest speaker of the forum.

srt3 01In order to present the summary of the project study result and to recieve and process opinions and suggestion regarding the project development fot further study and most optimum design of the project route alignment in accordance with people's demand and least environmental impacts, The Feasibility Study and Detailed Design for Double Track Construction (Surat Thani - Hat Yai Junction - Songkhla) , this organized the public hearing 3 of which the details are as follows :

On March 31, 2559, Department of Water Resources. Has signed the contract hiring Panya Consultants Co., Ltd. for the development of forecasting and early warning system on water resources. Ping - Wang - Pasak - SakaeKrang. The project takes 180 days in operation under the contract 0401/50/2559.

On 23 March 2016, the Department of Public Works, Town & Country Planning had signed the contract (contract no. 90/2016) hiring Panya Consultants Co., Ltd. to carry out the feasibility study and design of flood prevention system of community areas in Phatthalung province. The project takes 540 days of operation.

โครงการไฟฟ้าพลังน้ำขนาดเล็ก ในพื้นที่กลุ่มจังหวัดภาคเหนือตอนบนDepartment of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency together with Panya Consultants Co., Ltd. organized the meeting on the Orientation of the Master plan of Small-scaled Hydropower Project in Upper Northern Provincial Cluster Areas on Thursday 17 March 2016, at 09.00 hr-12.00 hr, Phu Kham Hotel, Mueang Chiang Mai district, Chiang Mai province. The objective of the conference was to present the reasons and necessity as well as the objectives and the scope, areas, steps, working periods and the overview of the project study. The meeting was honored by Mr. Mongkhon Suksai as the chairman and Mr. Jirasak Thiproj as the moderator.

On 15 February 2016, the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency had signed the contract hiring Panya Consultants Co., Ltd. to carry out the study and preparation of the master plan of small-scaled Hydropower of Lower Northern and Lower Central Province Clusters. The project takes 12 months in operation under the contract number 274/59.

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